The Stormfest at Hotel Elite Ambience, Mumbai

  • Date / Time: 09/21/2013 : 5:00 PM
  • Location: Moonstone, Hotel Elite Ambience
  • Address: Hotel Elite Ambience, Wakad,Mumbai,Maharashtra,India
  • Entry: Rs.250 (Rs.200 early bird)

THE STORMFEST promises to provide Pune with a regular dose of Metal and also a platform for various bands to portray their talent. The lineup for the show has been creating quite a noise already and includes Brutal Death/Grind veterans from Mumbai in the form of GUTSLIT as well as Symphonic Black Metal band COSMIC INFUSION who will be playing their show as a part of promoting their newly released Albums! The show will be held at Hotel Elite Ambience, Wakad which has been the hub of Metal shows in Pune with recent successful shows like – Awakening and Entombed Metal Fest.


Having released their Debut Full Length titled – “Skewered in the Sewer” and with the addition of a talented new guitarist, Gutslit are all set to pulverize the Pune crowds!

Reformed in 2012 (Formed initially in 2003), Cosmic Infusion is a Symphonic Black Metal band from Mumbai, India. Formed to create a pure blend of symphony and extreme metal. With some of the best and most experienced musicians from the underground scene of the country, they play their very own style of extreme metal.Debut self-titled EP out on 19th July .

Virion was earlier known as IQ, which was an Experimental Metal band from Pune formed in late 2009.Virion’s music can best be described as an aggressive, in-your-face concoction of technical and melodic metal. Each song that’s written by the band, is made up of a series of bone crushingly heavy riffs combined with groove driven drumming and powerful vocals.

AdaManTiuM aka ‘AMTM’ is a Metal-core/Post-Hardcore band from Pune, formed in September 2008. The name of the band is inspired by the cult video game, Final Fantasy, and signifies the band’s indestructible love for Metal. Their influences are Parkway Drive, Devil Wears Prada, Miss May I, Bring Me The Horizon, Rashamba, As I lay Dying, Asking Alexandria

Cruoris formed in 2012. ‘Cruoris’ is Bloodshed in Latin. Aptly named as they play Death Metal, this band is an offset of a really tight band called Vinaash Kaal, which according them was the first black metal band from Aurangabad. Their influences are Cannibal Corpse, Dying Fetus, Death, Cerebral Bore, Necrophagist, Nile, Deicide, Gojira, Sepultura, Decapitated, Opeth, Bloodbath etc.

Bleeding Edge is 4 piece metal band from Pune. After starting up in 2010, since then they have released one single. Their sound is basically an amalgamation thrash and groove but they still try to pour in ideas from all other music they listen to. Overall Bleeding Edge is a smooth blend of fast yet groovy riffs, blazing solos, aggressive vocals and chest thumping drums and bass.