Timur Mamedov and Arsh at Blue Frog, Mumbai

  • Date / Time: 04/03/2015 : 10:30 PM
  • Location: The Blue Frog
  • Address: The Blue Frog, Mathuradas Mills Compound, Senapati Bapat Marg,Mumbai,Maharashtra,India

Timur Mamedov:

The pioneer, founder and the legend of club and trance culture in Russia. Had been a DJ since 1994. Plays on the biggest parties in Goa since 1996. The founder and producer of the first Moscow techno/trance Aero dance club (1994­ 1996), and underground party Pointless, Chill Out planet, Plasma. 1994 – ­2000­ the head leader of Aero dance Corporation, the main party production organization of Russia. Created more than 400 events, including Earth dances and Orbital Moscow (1­6) ­ the biggest In­door annual electronic festival in the world (40000 people) . Brought over in Moscow more than 50 foreign dj’s and musicians.
Since 2008 Timur Mamedov, one of the top Dj on the trance scene (As X.P.Voo Doo) began to
experiment with alternative dance genres. His musical adventures in Psy Tech and Deep House,
spiced up with Goa trance vibe were delightfully met by ecstatic crowd in the biggest and
legendary clubs of Ibiza, Moscow, Tokyo, New York, Delhi, Mumbai, Rome, Milano, San Paolo,
Barcelona, Berlin and many more. His own recognized style and performing attitude made him a
wanted guest DJ for line-ups of most selected top techno parties around the globe. His music
passion is wide and the only things he never allows in his sets are commercial pop hits and boring rhythms. Professional musician’s education allows him confidence to pass through various genres and create bright and memorable hypnotic submerge into the magic World of Dance. Every set that he performs is a unique harmonic combination of styles and sounds.
Since 2000 he lives in Goa. Organizer of the biggest Goa dance events, including Hill Top NY
festivals, Psychedelic World Wide Gathering, Russian Christmas Fests, Aquarius, Rush In New Year for few years. X.P. was an art director and partner of West end Club and Hippies Ocean Café. Released 3 compilation “HI­TECH PLEASURES”, HI­TECH PLEASURES, level 2 on Crystal Matrix (Portugal) in and 2004 and 2006 and ”FULL POWER” on Sirius Records ( Japan) (2007) and numerous amount of his own tracks on different labels worldwide. From 2007 the leader and mastermind of Goa Freaks Community and main host of http://www.goa-freaks.com – the biggest web info portal dedicated to alternative Goa lifestyle.


At a time when people from entirely different sub-Cultures and prototypes of music are finding

Common ground in the form of sexy sounds and Fresh electronic beats Arsh is giving them exactly. What they need – Groovy, Intelligent dance music. He believes that playing music with this level of Intensity is one of the only ways left to push the Existential boundaries that all our minds seem to Be ridden with, further into the realm of non-Existence. He believes that the very essence of. This music lies in its lack of boundaries and probably never stops till he’s opened enough minds. To the madness that lies latent within us all. Enter his wonderfully organic abyss for music that is designed to feather your feet and help you fly.

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