Tungztn & Joel Mukherjee at Hard Rock Cafe

  • Date / Time: 09/12/2013 : 8:30 PM
  • Location: Hard Rock Cafe
  • Address: Hard Rock Cafe, Koregaon Park Extension,Pune,Maharashtra,India
  • Phone: 020 – 67258888

Joel Mukherjee hails from a family of experienced musicians and holds a GRADE8 from the Trinity College London –   artist Joel Mukherjee is set to launch Chala Chal – an album that symbolizes his journey in music. The album ‘chala chal’ is a testimony to life itself. Each and every song reflects a time/ momentary feeling/ emotion/ experiences of his life throughout all these years. His first album was called ‘the beginning’ and aptly so, because it was the beginning of the musical journey. 

Members of popular Pune-based band Tungztn –  Shitalchandr Kulkarni, Abhijeet Ranade and Dhananjay Bhogale have been working extensively towards composing, writing new material and preparing for the launch of ‘Jumpstart’ . Work on the album was kicked off about 2 years ago. The band plans to release it in a non-conventional way to reach the masses with their original music. Jumpstart is about a journey…or rather, an important step in a journey which began when each of them learnt to play the first notes or strokes on our instruments.