Unplugged Music Campout at Bamboo Rustles Camp, Konganapalli

  • Date / Time: 12/07/2013 : 4:00 PM
  • Location: Bamboo Rustles Camp
  • Address: Bamboo Rustles Camp,Konganapalli ,Andhra Pradesh,India
  • Entry: Rs. 1800 - Rs. 7800
  • Booking: Click Here

Michael Dias and Deepa Jacob are the artists this time for the Unplugged Music Campout.

Michael is firstly a guitarist and then a singer. He`s been playing for over 15 years and has been singing and performing with bands since early 2003. He is currently the front man of the band Mad Orange Fireworks, a solo artist, singer/songwriter, former member of the band Thermal and a Quarter and is a guitar instructor by profession.

Deepa has been singing since she was a wee bub of 7. With 18 years of music under her belt, she has sung, recorded and toured with some of Bangalores favourite choirs, bands and musicians. She recently started dabbling in the wonderfully weird world of musical theatre too!

At the Unplugged Music Campout the concert will be under the moonlit night surrounded by the hillocks and forests. It`s the perfect blend of music, food and fun under the open sky. Participants will enjoy the barbecue and dinner and call the night after the concert in the camping tents to wake up to a beautiful morning next day.