Unplugged Music Campout with Solder at Bamboo Rustles Camp, Bangalore

  • Date / Time: 01/18/2014 : 3:00 PM
  • Location: Bamboo Rustles Camp
  • Address: Bamboo Rustles Camp,Bangalore,Karnataka,India
  • Entry: Rs. 2500

An evening camping out in the open, surrounded by forest, with acoustic music by SOLDER around a camp fire followed by a BBQ dinner.

The Bangalore music scene has been dominated for the past few years by thrash and death metal bands. Amidst this scene of bludgeoning guitar riffs and blast beats, Solder‘s music stands out like a breath of fresh air. It is easy going and friendly on ears, nevertheless it has a progressive edge. Take a hint of groovy blues, add a pinch of funk and glam rock, sprinkle some alternative pop and then blend it in with good old classic rock. The result is Solder.

Often described as a unit of four drifters glued together by music, Solder was born with the intent of writing feel good songs, and belting them out “Live and Loud”. Now with all the varied influences bouncing off each other, Solder slowly created a sound space underlined by groove and layered with vocal melodies and harmonies, accompanied by screaming guitar licks and reverb laden drum sounds.