Wednesday Night Live feat. Hourglass Inversion at Swig, Pune

  • Date / Time: 11/27/2013 : 9:00 PM
  • Location: Swig Bar and Eatery
  • Address: Swig, Koregaon Park,Pune,Maharashtra,India

Hourglass Inversion was formed as Hourglass in 2008 by a group of restless rockers who wanted to break free from the humdrum of their mundane lives. In 2010, the quest for individuality and the search a distinct sound and thought culminated in the ?rst set of originals.

It was then that dreams were dreamt for ambition had found its seekers and music had found its means. The Hourglass had inverted and Hourglass became Hourglass Inversion!

Rohit Vasudevan (Voice & Strings):
To Rohit, music is all the small things.. all the small blocks which combine to create and fuel the beautiful celebration called – Life! Rohit paints this emotion with his powerful voice effortlessly.

Amit Khadilkar (Guitars):
Amit is a guitarist who oozes every bit of soul in each arpeggio and riff he churns out of his multiple axes. He is also the fountainhead of ideas and an avid song-writer.

Hemant Aligi (Bass):
Hemant believes that Music comes from “within”. He loves to express himself through the bass. To him, it is an intimate experience that brings him closer to God. In his words, this experience akin to – “Divine Love Making”.

Gaurav Segan (Drums):
Gaurav is a self-taught drummer and groove fanatic with a never-ending zeal for producing rhythm which complements the richness of the music that the band produces.