Wednesday Night Live with I AM BLISS at Swig, Pune

  • Date / Time: 04/23/2014 : 9:00 PM
  • Location: Swig Bar and Eatery
  • Address: Swig, Koregaon Park,Pune,Maharashtra,India
I Am Bliss is the new noise. I Am Bliss is a Pune-based band that fuse alluring melodies with ethereal ambiance & youthful chaos, all while slam dancing to the beat of struggle. A straight up indie garage rock band!

Being friends for a long time, singer/songwriter Danesh Munshi and drummer Shreyas Iyengar both independently played in various bands around India, China, and the UK.

Danesh who is a graduate of first-class SAE Institute graduate, and Shreyas who was just recently accepted into Berkely are now re-united in Pune, and with the addition of Siddharth Gupta on Bass guitar, the band is releasing their debut full-length in a month’s time.

The evening will also feature the debut of ‘Bear Chest’ – the alter ego of I Am Bliss!


After Danesh Munshi and Shreyas Iyengar’s first major project, I Am Bliss took off, the two immediately began dabbling in yet another project. Bear Chest however reflects a completely different sound to any of their previous work.

The experimental two-piece project combines electronic and ambient music elements with live instrumentation, thus creating extremely texturally rich music.
With diametrically different influences coming from either member, the end result is a unique cacophony of intelligent sound.