When Pandas Attack, Gauge & Rufu Mofo at Summerhouse Cafe, Delhi

  • Date / Time: 04/08/2015 : 9:00 PM
  • Location: Summer House Cafe
  • Address: Summer House Cafe, Aurobindo Place, Hauz Khas ,New Delhi,India
  • Entry: Free

When Pandas Attack

When Pandas Attack is Delhi-based graphic designer Ankur Chauhan’s solo project. It started about 3 years ago, with a desire to put down thoughts quickly, a form of creative note keeping, so to speak. Messing around with recording guitar parts for a while, he progressed to making full tracks without any actual instruments. This experiment gained momentum once he connected electronic music with an organic soundscape.

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/whenpandasattack

Gauge aka Gagandeep seera was musically inclined since childhood, he was a guitarist in school days, a college drop out had nothing to do besides his passion for music , later he worked for a company name Bigg Fish media which promotes Underground Techno and do Artist management, booking big artists ,making them spin in delhi and around made easy for him to do his own mixes and perform ,after playing at lot of clubs in delhi and around, people started appreciating his style of mixing ,his deep passion and endless thirst of music took him to play at big music festivals like arudra ,escape,parvati gathering ,moon dust ,and share stages with his favourite artists like madd max, sesto sento ,consequently Gauge’s taste and skills kept developing his sets are an electric fusion of futuristic techno and always portraying the newest trends coming from the global scene.