Frame/Frame, SundogProject & Curtain Blue at The Blue Frog, Delhi

  • Date / Time: 10/04/2013 : 9 PM
  • Location: Blue Frog
  • Address: The Kila, Seven Style Mile,Opposite the Qutub Minar, Mehrauli,New Delhi,India
  • Entry: Free
  • Email:

Double EP/LP Launch Party With Frame/Frame, SundogProject & Curtain Blue

After nearly half a year and 5 full moons, Wild City Live is back with a monstrous line up, multiple débuts, live sets and a double EP/LP launch from some of the most exciting acts within India’s burgeoning independent rock and electronic scene.

SundogProject in anticipation of a debut album will be showcasing their epic new sound, which is sure to swell perfectly around the cavernous main room of New Delhi’s blueFROG. A supergroup made up of some of Delhi’s most accomplished musicians, this is a debut performance you do not want to miss.

Frame/Frame will also present his unique sonic vision live, off the back of one of this years most highly anticipated EP releases, ‘Swimmers’ – a project that will truly encompass years of electronic influences from across the globe, be it the heaving sub bass of modern day glitch-hop or his strange yet fascinating take on electronic pop.

There are few producers who can meld such disparate elements into something so compelling and no doubt this will be transformed into a gripping live set. With special guest appearances from Keshav Dhar (Skyharbor), Arsh Sharma (The Circus/FuzzCulture), Abhishek Bhatia (The Circus/Curtain Blue), Anshul Lall (The Circus), Srijan Mahajan (FuzzCulture), Kabir Uppal and Hemant Chona this promises to be a debut live collaborative performance like no other.

In support of both these acts releasing their debut LP and EP respectively, New Delhi based Curtain Blue, of ‘The Circus’ fame will be getting the floor moving with his deep and colourful sonic concoctions. With such celebrated artists and a tightly curated line-up in one of the best rooms in the country, this is sure to be an incredible night of beautifully strange music.


Frame/Frame brings a fresh innovation to the sound, combining a kaleidoscopic arsenal of the smooth, crunchy, melodic, synthy, dirty and raw, channeling hip-hop, drum and bass and bass music sensibilities into a pedigree all of his own.

In a huge stride forward, he’s set to release his debut ‘Swimmers’ EP and it may not be, quite what you’re expecting:

“The first single is actually going to be a bit of surprise – it’s the first time I’ve ever sung on a Frame/Frame tune. It’s also produced in a very “un-electronic” way – there are guitar and electric bass parts, which are un-quantized, and there is no auto-tune on the vocals. The idea was to give the song a natural vibe, as if you’re listening to the song being played live. In fact, that was a general theme throughout the EP, to try and find the organic within the electronic.” – Frame/Frame

As the nation waits with bated breath he’s already been picked as ‘artist of the week’ by, has been listed as one of the top 5 producers to watch out for in by, and is one of the 4 new electronica acts to watch out for this year, according to Rock Street Journal.


SundogProject is an experimental rock band from New Delhi. It all came about when vocalist and guitarist Rahul Das asked Anupam Roy (producer of albums such as Mark of Teja, Bats and Metastasis) if he wanted to be a part of a new project. Roy brought his skill as a bassist and the technical expertise of an experienced producer to the set up that Das had already created.

The arrival of the band’s next two members Shardul Mehta and Rahul Sainani saw the project really begin to take shape. They were members of erstwhile Delhi nu-metal band Joint Family and Das had played alongside them before. SundogProject was completed when Viraj Mohan, who was part of Delhi psy rock act Another Vertigo Rush, joined the group.

SundogProject are Rahul Das (lead vocals, guitars, electronics), Anupam Roy (bass), Shardul Mehta (drums, electronics), Viraj Mohan (guitars, keys, electronics, backing vocals) and Rahul Sainani (guitars, backing vocals, percussions)