Zambhala at Bardo, Goa

  • Date / Time: 12/21/2013 : 3:00 PM
  • Location: Bardo
  • Address: Bardo,Morjim,Goa,India
  • Entry: Rs. 2800
  • Booking: Click Here

Zambhala is an annual Festival that brings together the world’s greatest Yoga Experts, Spiritual Teachers, Practitioners, Healers, Musicians and Artists from across India and the world. Zambhala is the one time, one place in the year that we celebrate & energize our Life Spirit.

There has never been a gathering of Yoga, spirituality, music, expression and dance, in a festival context. Yoga, Music & Spirituality cut across barriers of age, race, religion, nationality and social status. It’s an opportunity to widen horizons, experiment, express, participate and educate oneself with like minded people in the life skills to a better and healthier living. In our busy day-to-day life the one aspect that is most neglected is ourselves. Zambhala is about getting you in touch with your inner self and channelizing your energy in a positive and constructive direction, which could lead to a more balanced life.

The Yoga Festival is centered around the diversity of Yoga, as it is practiced today in India and across the world. The Yoga Festival is carefully curated to bring your body and spirit into balance.

Zambhala also brings together healers, practitioners, therapists and doctors to speak, give workshops and take participants on a journey of channeling, alternative healing, self actualization, past life regression, emotional transformation, meditation, pranic healing and much, much more.