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Something Relevant is now Baycity Lights


Mumbai, and possibly India’s most popular jam band, Something Relevant is no more. The long standing act have reinvented themselves as BayCity Lights, as a result of some significant changes in lineup and style.  The shift , which comes a bit abruptly is explained by Aalok as a sort of rebirth into untrodden territory – “ We recently reunited with Rohan and started writing a whole bunch of music. What we realised was that the songs we were writing were in a completely different space. We weren’t a jam band anymore. So it only made sense to be a new band.”

The sound will obviously be affected on account of the change in members – Rohan Mazumdar as vocalist and guitarist, Tanmay Bhattacherjee on the bass, Aalok Padhye on the keys and Stuart DaCosta on analogue synths and FX. They term The end of Something Relevant in confirmed as Stuart denies any artistic link to their past musical endeavours, “We’re not really thinking of retaining any of Something Relevant. Its a completely new direction, a new energy. So besides most of us being members of that band, we’re looking at it as an entirely new thing.”

BayCity Lights has begun with promise. They’ve already released ‘Glued’ on SoundCloud as a preview of their newly generated sound and a single and a music video are set to follow in about a month.  They’re also preparing for a five city tour says Rohan,“We’re going to be on the road for the next month doing a 5 city tour, so come check us out. And follow us on facebook, instagram and twitter and get in touch…we’d love to hear from everyone!”