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Interview with Waclaw “Vogg” Kieltyka, Decapitated


Wac?aw is the guitarist in the technical death metal group Decapitated. WTS had a quick chat with him during Decapitated’s visit to India and here’s what he had to say…

WTS: This was the first stop for Decapitated in this part of the world, what have been your impressions about music(especially metal) in India?

Vogg: Yes, this was indeed the first time for Decapitated to play in this part of the world.Probably we are the first Polish metal group which has had an opportunity to play in India ever! And of course we had a great experience too! I mean, the show in Hyderabad was awesome and the people were so friendly and it was such a pleasure to be there. About music, well, to be honest i don’t know too many bands from India so I cannot tell much about that.

WTS: You guys have finished working on your new album Carnival is Forever. Tell us more about the sound of the album and what fans can expect.

Vogg: Yes we finished with the recording session and are more than happy about the final result. The sound is awesome and you can expect very good production. This time we are working with Arek “Malta” Malczewski – the sound guy of Behemoth and also with Swedish producer Daniel Bergrstrand (Dimmu Borgir, Behemoth, In Flames, Meshuggah and many more) This album is not experimental, it is still extreme metal with good taste and you can recognize from the first second that you are listen decapitated. Every song on this one is diffrent and very interesting in my opinion. I like this album very very much.

WTS: Did you guys try to experiment with some of the local Hyderabadi cuisine and explore the city to a certain extent?

Vogg: The food was the best – especially desserts! We didn’t see too much, but we saw some parts of Hyderabad and it was a very interesting experience – a totally different world when compared to Europe! Some of the places were very nice!

WTS: What have been the significant non-metal influences to your music? How has it changed with time?

Vogg: Life is my biggest influence, everything that has happened to me and around me has inspired me, I can also say that every kind of music has inspired me a lot.

WTS: Decapitated has been a key influence for many bands in India. Any words of advice to the fans and musicians here?

Vogg: All the best to you people, I hope we can come back to India soon! Play music, smoke weed and have a good time!

Abhilash Achar

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