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Frame/Frame Announces Remix EP, Embarks On Tour


Almost 6 months after releasing one of the most exciting independent EPs in September 2013, Delhi based musician, producer and composer, Nikhil Kaul a.k.a Frame/Frame has now announced a monstrous remix EP, featuring reworks from some of the best producers within India’s burgeoning independent electronic scene.

Titled ‘Swimmers Re:Mixed’, it is claimed to be a project that truly encompasses years of electronic influences from around the country, be it the surprise vocals on Nikhil’s ‘Swimmers’ re-take or the strange yet fascinating take on electronic pop from Curtain Blue.

This EP features remixes from some of my favourite artists in India right now – Sandunes, Sulk Station, Audio Pervert, Sickflip, Paralights and Curtain Blue. I believe these are some of the edgiest electronic acts in the country as of this moment, some you’ll be familiar with and some you should be watching out for. Also, just to make it all a bit sweeter, I’ve also included an alternate edit of the title track ‘Swimmers’ featuring Garima Aneja’s beautiful voice,” says Frame/Frame. The EP is due for release on 7th April 2014 and will be available for free download via Bandcamp and SoundCloud.

Full Tracklist:

1. Minus (Curtain Blue Remix)
2. Swimmers (Frame/Frame Remix feat. Garima)
3. Pastels (Sandunes Remix)
4. Rogue (Sickflip + Paralights Remix)
5. Feather (Sulk Station Remix)
6. Pastels (Audio Pervert Remix)

Over the month, Frame/Frame will be embarking on a nationwide tour beginning 11th April in New Delhi, Bangalore and Pune – exclusively supported by artists featured on the EP.

Frame/Frame Announces Remix EP, Embarks On Tour

Tour Schedule:

April 11th / New Delhi – Turquoise Cottage: Sandunes, Curtain Blue & Frame/Frame
April 12th / Bangalore – The Humming Tree: Audio Pervert & Frame/Frame
April 13th / Pune – High Spirits: Sickflip, Paralights and Frame/Frame


Day 2 of The Magnetic Fields Festival at Alsisar Mahal, Rajasthan

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