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TAAQ wins the Mervyn Stutter ‘Spirit Of The Fringe’ Award


Bangalore Rockers Thermal and a Quarter win the Mervyn Stutter ‘Spirit of the Fringe’ award, and will play a showcase gig on Sunday, 25th Aug for the grand finale of Mervyn’s show at the Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh.

Mervyn’s Spirit of the Fringe Award is one of the longest-running awards at the Edinburgh Festival, given out every year since 1992 and ‘Pick of the Fringe’ showcases 90 minutes of the top acts from the Fringe festival with the best of theatre, dance, music and more.

Thermal and A Quarter are currently in the middle of their Bangalore Rock tour that goes on all the way till mid-September, when they will finish their marathon run of over 35 concerts!