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Sabka Katega by Bodhi Tree




This holds true, also for the guys who made this phrase popular back in the day. Yes, I am talking about Bodhi Tree, the band from XLRI who said it like it is, with (arguably their best song till date ‘G**nd Mein Danda’). They are back with 2 new songs this year. But, don’t start dusting off your old acoustic guitar just yet. They might have been ‘right on spot’ with their songs earlier, but, in their 30s now, these punks from XLRI have also mellowed down, and I guess it makes them look elegant in a way too.

Bodhi Tree (Now just Abhishek Narain and Satadru Bagchi) are continuing with what they started years back i.e, expressing themselves through their music. Unlike ‘G**d Mein Danda’ (a song that describes the story of a normal Indian youths fantasies and confrontations with reality, going through his day to day life as a student), they are now talking about things more profound and, well, mature. Musically (and this is for all you hardcore metalheads) they are very average. No epic solos ok? This band is all about lyrics. And with the subtle way in which they used to sing about how the monotony of living each day under pressure is pushing a log up everyone’s arse, now they are singing about love and retrospection.

From their two new singles, my favourite is ‘Ghar’. Very different from their earlier releases, I think musically this is their best song till date! The song falls in the category of Folk Fusion, with amazing vocals and a catchy riff. The song is like a conversation the protagonist is having with himself. He talks about his life in the ever-changing world around him and his beliefs and the clashes they have.

The second single ‘Halki Si Shaam’ is like a soothing gazal. With amazing vocals by Satadru Bagchi and a female singer (who shall remain unnamed for now) this romantic duet has all the ingredients that a typical Jagjeet Singh gazal has, plus a beautiful acoustic guitar intro.

Of course we can’t expect them to write songs like GMD at this stage in their lives, but, it’s relieving to know that they are still active and making music. Bodhi Tree has promised more OCs as the year progresses. Can’t wait to see what direction this cult band takes now!