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Sunburn Festival Goa 2013: Festival Preview


6 years of consistently bringing to us the best EDM acts from all over the world has turned Sunburn into the most-awaited music festival of the year. And from what we hear, Sunburn Goa has just turned 10 times bigger than last year.

Vagator is the new home for Sunburn this year – spread over 500,000 sq.m of exotic festival area, Sunburn Goa is going to be the biggest electronic music festival of Asia till date with 7 massive stages where more than 120 artists will be performing for over a span of 3 days.

Sunburn Goa is serving a varied palette of genres this year including Trance, House, Electro, Techno, Drum & Bass, Psy-trance and Experimental. Global superstars like Axwell, Afrojack, Markus Schulz, Pete Tong, Mark Knight, Andrew Rayel, Quintino, James Zabiela, Ummet Ozcan, flanked by the best Indian talents like Dualist Inquiry, (S)haan, Lost Stories, Anish Sood, Kohra, Jayant, Nucleya, are all set to bring the house down at this edition of Sunburn Goa. Three very special stages are also going to be showcased – Jacked! presented by Afrojack, Toolroom Knights by Mark Knight, and the All Gone Pete Tong stage presented by Pete Tong.

With elaborate food courts and onsite camping, unlimited parking and after-parties, Sunburn Goa is brimming with the possibility of bringing newer and better experiences. A totally redesigned flea market, a book library, circus tents, and an open air movie theatre, an above sea-level psy stage, a kite festival, a ferris wheel, a huge sports village and a Sunburn cruise on the Arabian Sea is what’s in store for those who want to take a small break from the music!

Percept seems to have left no stone unturned in making sure that this festival is the biggest in Asia – with 120+ artists and 200 hours of electronic music, Sunburn Goa will also see Asia’s largest single stage set in a natural amphitheatre. Cubezoid had been the audience favourite for the last two years and this year Darkroom, from the UK has re-designed the stage is a bigger and better way. Excited yet? We are too. It’s time to get Sunburnt!

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Debarati Sanyal

Debarati is a freelance photographer based in Bangalore and for the past one year has been actively documenting the music scene. When not shooting gigs, she can be found in front of a computer working on graphics and writing. Or maybe you can find her at one of the watering holes chugging beer!


Sunburn Bangalore moved to Ezone Club, Bangalore


After a recent update by The Sunburn Festival about the second day of Sunburn Bengaluru  being called off due to a massive electoral rally planned on November 17th,  the Sunburn team seems to have figured out a workaround by moving the venue to Ezone Club, Bangalore to ensure that the festival will be a 2-day affair after all.

The Sunburn team claims to have put in their best efforts in ensuring the best combination of 19 artists who will play at 2 stages over 2 days, at over 20 experience zones. Gear up for the very first edition of Asia’s biggest music festival in Bangalore on the 16th and 17th of November at EZone Club.

The power-packed line-up will feature Fedde le Grand, Paul van Dyk, Dimitri Vegas, Adam Beyer, Showtek, Orjan Nielsen, Wolf Pack, Arjun Vagale, Shaan,NDS & Blue, Sartek in addition to other artists. Tickets for the Sunburn Bangalore festival are now live on BookMyShow here. Physical tickets will also be available from 7th November, watch this space for an update on the authorized promoters & outlets.

The revised tickets prices are as follows: Student: 950/- , G.A.: 1250/- , VIP: 2500/-

For any queries with regards to tickets, drop an email to info@sunburn.in or contact BookMyShow on +9122 39895050.


Mihir Joshi’s The Bombay Rock Project at Inorbit Mall, Mumbai





The Bombay Rock Project, although being a new entrant into Mumbai’s music scene, comprises a line-up of musicians who are well established in their own right, each of whom plays for a number of city bands. The gig they were playing today was at a mall, and I didn’t really know what to expect from them in terms of music, or the venue’s sound setup.

It was a typically windy and rainy June evening in Vashi, as the band set themselves up in the Inorbit Mall compound, close to the entrance. The place was sheltered by an unusually psychedelic looking ceiling way above, and kept out most of the rain. There was a sparse crowd present, as you’d expect in a mall, most of who were either known to the band, or curious passers-by.

A quick chat with one of the band members told me that I was to expect covers of classic Bollywood songs, with a twist, and maybe a couple of English songs thrown in as well. This surprised me, given the kind of music that I’ve heard each of these musicians play before with other bands.

So finally after a long drawn out sound check, the band was good to go. On lead guitar was Sanju Aguiar of Devoid, on bass was Ishaan Krishna of The Hoodwink Circle, on drums was Agnnelo Picaardo of Dischordian, on keyboards and saxophone was Nigel Rajaratnam of Dischordian, and spearheading the project was The Works’ vocalist, Mihir Joshi.

The first song was an upbeat cover of the title track of the Amitabh Bacchan starrer, Don, and set the stage for an energetic set list. The next was a cover of ‘Janu Meri Jaan’, from the 1980 classic, Shaan. At this point, I must admit I didn’t quite know what to make of the band. It felt a little bit indulgent, and more like they were playing to the masses, and not to a more discerning audience.

The band seemed tight and the overall sound was fairly good, given the windy conditions and that the location was for all practical purposes, a driveway. Ishaan had broken the top string of his bass guitar at the end of the second song, but to everyone’s bewilderment, nonchalantly proceeded to continue without it.

The next one was a rather crowd-pleasing mash-up medley of ‘Summer of ’69’, ‘Sweet Child o’ Mine’, and ‘Where The Streets Have No Name’. The songs were blended together quite well, but essentially stayed true to the originals. This was followed by another two hindi covers of the songs ‘Dekha Na’ and ‘Jawani Janeman’. So far, I had no complaints about the performance itself, but given the set list, it felt a little like we were watching an Amitabh Bacchan tribute gig.

Things started picking up with the next song, an interesting jazz-like cover of  ‘Dum Maaro Dum’ with a nice drum solo from Agnnelo and a piano solo by Nigel. Things got even more interesting with a reggae mash-up of John Mayer’s ‘Your Body Is A WonderLand’ and Lucky Ali’s ‘O Sanam’, scoring highly on the creativity scale.

The next two songs were covers of ‘Saara Zamaana’ and ‘Aap Jaisa Koi’, both of which had a distinct classic rock feel to them, and were followed by ‘Inteha Ho Gayi’ (yet again featuring the Big B) and was for me the best song so far, with Nigel switching to the saxophone towards the end.

Tossing in another English track, the band did an unusual take on the David Guetta house sensation, ‘Love Is Gone’, before moving back into hindi mode with a cover of the title track of the movie ‘Rock On’ as Mihir went into the crowd and got people to sing along with the chorus.

In response to the crowd’s request for another fast song, Mihir belted out ‘Dance Dance’, probably not my favourite of the evening, but there was a lot of energy in the performance, and some nice guitaring by Sanju. The list concluded with ‘Om Shanti Om’ and a cover of Deep Purple’s ‘Smoke On The Water’.

The performance overall was very entertaining. Agnnelo was solid as ever on drums, Nigel was creative with his keyboard, Ishaan was quite flawless despite playing with only three strings, and Sanju’s guitar riffs were excellent. Mihir was clearly the life of the band and though his vocals were at times a little bit pitchy, more than made up for it with some incredible showmanship and stage presence.

I’ve always found it interesting to see the name of a band qualified with the word ‘Project’. It indicates a certain lack of pretence, a degree of experimentation, and to some extent, an organised approach, all of which, The Bombay Rock Project at first glance seemed to fulfill in fair measure.

The band appears to be well prepared to take on the music scene. Their costumes and logo look to be steps towards creating a solid identity. Their performance looked tight and well rehearsed, and the members appeared relaxed and were enjoying themselves. The musicianship was of excellent quality and had a balanced sound. All in all, they appear to be unabashedly, a hindi cover band, and clearly look to be taking the commercial route by introducing rock music to the masses.


Octoberfest – Day One


I am annoyed with the organizers of Octoberfest 2010. Here is this glorious opportunity to call a musical event ‘Rocktober’ and they passed it up. This sort of chance comes only once a year! The Great Indian Octoberfest is an annual 3 day event that happens in Bangalore with loads of music, beer and entertainment. I am quite quite kicked about this year’s edition as the bandlist is very impressive.

I walk in on Saturday to find the meanest, most bad-ass 3 man moshpit I’ve ever seen. Theorized are the first band on stage and the crowd hasn’t come in yet. Vocalist Madhav vanishes from the stage to join the mosh which brings the total crowd there to a numerologically sound 4. I head to grab a beer as Theorized finish their consistent set. The cunning plan is to get suitably drunk before Shaan performs later on.

I manage to rush back before Slain have started their set (without spilling the beer, mind you), They include songs from their new album Here and Beyond in their set. ‘Tis a pity these guys weren’t around in the 80’s. They would have sold out stadiums (a band like Boston did!) easily. These young chaps are very talented. Technical metal act Eccentric Pendulum are up next and introduce their new guitarist who’s 19 years old. FML. The debut songs from their upcoming album. All the song titles are significantly longer than their earlier works and vocalist Nikhil stumbles while introducing the songs. GRE/GMAT prep eh boys? But their set is tight and ends with a trippy song from said album. They are also the third band in a row to crack a Shaan joke.

I bunk Verses performance to head to the outdoor stage. I’ve made fun of em before anyway. Outside, there’re mechanical bulls to ride and beer pong to be played. No one is really paying attention to the horrendous ‘Pinball Wizard’ cover by Freedom’s Price. I conveniently tune out till Swarathma are on stage. I have high expectations for this performance so I make my way right up to the front row. As they start their set, I am a tad disappointed by Vasu Dixit’s vocals, which aren’t as strong as they usually are. The bassist Jishnu is on fire with his infectious and catchy basslines. The real star of the show is artist Vilas Nayak who paints a lifesize portrait of Vasu during the interval of a single song. The audience seem to love their earwormy songs and are very appreciative. Midival Punditz and Karsh Kale are the act scheduled to perform next but they take 30 minutes to setup. I conveniently help myself to a lot of beer in the meanwhile. Drinking on the job! The rest of the concert is a blur although the objective to get drunk before Shaan performs is achieved comfortably.

(Advice to lazy writers: saying you were drunk is a nice way to keep that word-count down)

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