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Trizya at Blue Frog, Delhi


Trizya is a six piece fusion band formed in 2010. Every member of the band strives to make their music more creative and with variations in tempo, rhythm and sometimes the use of long musical ‘journeys’ that can be divided into smaller parts; each with their own dynamics, style and tempo. Trizya means ‘Radius’. Philosophically, the essence of the name Trizya means that every human desires to achieve success and ‘completeness’ in his field of competency.

This band is a combination of different genres of music like Indian Classical, Rock, Pop, Jazz and Folk music. The band has stood out from many other bands because of its unique talent, musical fusion extravagance and its amazing performances. The performances are such a roaring success because of their approach to lengthy group improvisations, soul touching pieces of borrowed harmony and rhythmic and instrumentation elements from the jazz and traditional folk genres.