What’s festive for Kolkata this weekend?

While Kolkata still lags a tad behind when it comes to attracting good acts to the city, it looks like The Festival is set to remedy that. Karnivool, the Australian prog rock band is geared to annihilate the acoustics atmosphere on 11th January at Nicco Park, and if that does not promise greatness, we’re not sure what will.

The Festival usually does pretty phenomenal work, most notable among which was getting Finnish band Poets of the Fall to tear up Nazrul Mancha to a devoted crowd.

Just in case you’re not sure what you are in for, and are still hesitating over buying tickets, this is the kind of thing Karnivool does:


Remember people of Kolkata, there is only one way for you to actually catapult the city to a prospective Mecca for star studded concerts and that is to BUY TICKETS. So, make your way to the link right now and get one here


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