The Invasion(EP) by Devoid

By Ishan Vartak on 02/02/2013 at 8:18 pm

The Invasion(EP) by Devoid
The Invasion (EP) Devoid
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  • The Invasion
  • The Grand Design
  • Brahma Weapon
  • Pandemonium is Now
  • The Prelude

Devoid, one of the heavyweights of Bombay’s ever growing thrash metal scene are out with a new concept EP for their sophomore release – The Invasion. Post the release of their first album A God’s Lie in 2010 with Demonstealer Records, the band saw a couple of line-up changes with Sanju Aguiar and Abhishek Kamdar replacing Keshav Kumar and Frank Pawar on lead guitar and bass respectively. Shubham Kumar continues to handle his drum duties, while vocalist and rhythm guitarist Arun Iyer doubles up as the bands producer and engineer for this EP making The Invasion their first DIY release in its 7 years of existence.

With only 5 tracks clocking in at a little over 20 minutes this release definitely packs a punch above its weight, with the prime concept of the album revolving around an alien invasion on planet earth. The story unfolds with a two and a half minutes long instrumental ‘The Prelude’ followed by ‘The Invasion’ – which characters the arrival of the extra-terrestrial into this world with some heavy thrash metal. ‘Pandemonium is Now’ outlines the anarchy and the chaos that grips a society in the face of extinction. The 4th track ‘Brahma Weapon’, easily my most favourite song from the EP, is the final fury of the gods upon civilization, chronicling the obliteration of this planet, with mentions of mass extinction, burning of the righteous and drowning of the sun. This mini epic of sorts ends with ‘The Grand Design’, which as the title itself suggests is about the grand plan that spells out the bigger picture, talking about how ‘everything that’s destroyed is rebuilt with the gift of time’ and the ‘design being the matter of all creation’.

Musically, The Invasion is heavy, fast and an unadulterated ode to thrash metal that’ll make you head bang irrespective of whether you’re in your car, at your workplace, or worse, in college.  The EP sounds massive in its entirety with some really vicious guitar riffs, along with rock-solid drumming and pitch-perfect vocals. The acoustic guitar track in ‘The Prelude’ is a fine way of easing the listener into the skull crushing heavy metal that follows in the remaining tracks. Personally, ‘The Invasion’ is one of the best EPs I’ve heard in a long time, partly because of my affinity towards thrash metal but greatly because of this band’s ability to blow you off your mind. In my view, this EP by Devoid is one of the best releases we’ve had from Bombay in quite some time and it’ll honestly be really unfair to critique the album based on any one of its shortcomings (not like there are any blatant ones). The storytelling is impeccable, the concept is questionably innovative, the song writing is stellar, artwork is literally out of this world and the production quality is good, if not excellent.  Any metal head who manages to get his/her hands on this monster of an EP will be in for an absolute treat, which unfortunately lasts just a little over 20 minutes (40 minutes on loop). It’s been just a little over 36 hours since I got the EP and I am already yearning for their sophomore release, which will again be a concept album.

Final Verdict:  Very highly recommended by the reviewer.


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