Going Nowhere by Lounge Piranha

By Sohan Maheshwar on 22/07/2010 at 10:07 am

Going Nowhere by Lounge Piranha
Going Nowhere Lounge Piranha
  • Going Nowhere
  • Gun Song
  • Snakes and Lotuses
  • Ebb
  • Eclat
  • Teenage Curse
  • Handhole

Lounge Piranha has this odd reputation of being a ‘chicks dig it’ band. Admittedly they do have a cult following that religiously attends all their gigs but a large chunk of said cult happen to be women (This is not to say that women don’t attend local gigs but the numbers at a LP gig are significantly higher.) It’s hard to pinpoint the exact reason for this. A couple of girls i know have sworn they’ve attended LP gigs just to ogle at lead singer Abhijeet Tambe! But i think the chief reason for this anomaly is LP’s brand of accessible yet quirky rock coupled with their visual imagery, which has resonated with female fans looking for something left-of-centre to listen to.

Quirky is a word that you can easily associate with LP – drawings of psychedelic spiders, colourful matching t-shirts and even web comics are all part of the repertoire. LP has never shied from using unconventional instruments such as didgeridoos, djembes and morsings in their compositions either. Unfortunately not all the songs on Going Nowhere – the debut effort from LP, encapsulate this ethos of the band.

The album, unusually enough starts with the title track. The song is essentially a simple riff and a catchy bass line played out for about 4 minutes. The listener gets a subtle taste of the didgeridoo but (to quote from LP’s ‘Ebb’) it fades away. ‘Gun Song’ and ‘Snakes and Lotuses’ are the bouncy, upbeat songs on this album. The former is a concert favorite for its catchy chant-like chorus (apologies for the alliteration).  The album closes with the token-ballad ‘Handhole‘ and surprise, surprise it’s the album’s best song. The harmonized chorus compliments the lyrics perfectly and going by the number of ‘likes’ on their Facebook page, ‘Handhole’ seems like the song that has resonated with a big bunch of people. Admittedly I was surprised by the exclusion of ‘Yours Forever’ on the album. LP has had the song on their Myspace page for a while now and it is faaan-tastic. A pity they did not include this track on Going Nowhere.

LP is a fun band to watch. The banter between the two singers make their gigs entertaining as hell.(Abhijeet once, in a single breath mimicked the IPL commentary whilst the band continued playing a song!) LP is also a band that has this inherent weirdness to its personality. But unfortunately the album fails to retain any singular identity. As a result some of the songs detract from both these aspects of the band. Its clear that LP chose to tread the safe path by not including more ambitious material on this album(The didgeridoo-driven ‘Yours Forever’, being a prime example), which is quite a shame because LP as a band is capable of so much more than the songs that they have chosen to dish out on Going Nowhere. That being said, the record serves as a platform through which LP can extend their musical direction and their fan base. Chicks included.

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