PCRC + LIFAFA at Cafe Out of The Box, Delhi

  • Date / Time: 09/13/2013 : 10:00 PM
  • Location: Cafe Out Of The Box
  • Address: Cafe Out Of The Box, Hauz Khas Tank, Deer Park, Hauz Khas,New Delhi,India

Peter Cat Recording Co. based out of New Delhi, currently consisting of four members. The sound is heavily inspired by Classic Bollywood motifs, American Big Band, and Ballroom Waltz. Their first album Sinema was released in early 2010 to wide acclaim. Amid the wave of critical praise, Radiohead and Nirvana producer Miti Adhikari highlighted them as an act he would love to produce. Their live show straddles the line between performance art and musical salvation, encompassing backdrops of iconic Bollywood film sequences and musical samples, bullhorns, deftly controlled vocal histrionics, and long instru- mental passages; building and collapsing around what are often two hour sets.


The debut solo project by Peter Cat Recording Co. frontman Suryakant Sawhney. “Suryakant Sawhney as most know him, is not only tall, dark and handsome but also extremely talented and unafraid to acknowledge a lot of his musical influences, past and present. This is undeniably obvious at the very first listen of his debut LP. A lo-fi, atmospheric, glitchy and dancefloor friendly (at times) album, it showcases a new chapter of an artist that within everything he does has a continuously evolving style. While he’s had plenty of strong releases in the past with pcrc, this one has the inspired feeling of a solo artist truly finding his footing. A breakthrough, in other words. “I basically started producing electronica in 2011 but discovered I kinda suck at dance music so I went another direction. Lifafa is just me trying out electronic production methods with traditional music.” (extracts from Wild City)