The Lost Party at Lavasa, Pune

  • Date / Time: 03/06/2015 : 12:00 PM
  • Location: Lavasa
  • Address: Lavasa,Pune,Maharashtra,India
  • Booking: Click Here

Artists: Trilok Gurtu, Fabrizio Maurizi, Ricoloop, Pig&Dan, Nucleya, Mosillator, Reggae Rajahs, B.R.E.E.D, Sa X Sa, Dualist Inquiry, Blot! AV Set, Vinayak^A, Orbs & Zen, Baba Robjin, Helium Project, AlgoRyhthm, Su Real, Jitter, Kohra, AFFKT

The Lost Party was created in order to bring out the ‘gypsy at heart’ in you. That’s what we all are: Wanderers, Explorers, Dreamers and Creators. We are all visitors to this time, this place. We are just passing through. Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love… and then we return home. 
The Lost Party is the culmination of Arts, Technology, Experiences and Music at a common flatland of Lavasa happening on the Holi Weekend. Experience never before executed concepts such as:
Busking: Artists roaming around jamming with the audience at the festival.
Rent a Pool – Beat the heat and have your own little party at the pool.A season pass entitles you to fest access for March 6 and 7. Single day passes are available too.

Drunch passes entitle you to Unlimited Beer, Sangrias and Barbeques from 11 AM to 2 PM at the festival.

Check in: March 6, 2015 – 10 AM
Check out: March 8, 2015 – 4 PM

March 8, 2015 is only for campers.

Limited Internal shuttle services in Lavasa will be provided.

Limited shuttles to the venue from Pune and Mumbai will be provided on March 6 on a first-come-first-serve basis.