Octoberfest – Day Two

Due to a social obligation, I arrive late for Day 2 at the Octoberfest. I miss performances by Kryptos, Escher’s Knot, etc but I’m glad that I make it in time for Soulmate. I notice that the crowd is more voluminous than Day 1, possibly in anticipation of Lacuna Coil’s performance. Soulmate play a brilliant set as Tipriti mesmerizes the crowd with her soulful (easy pun, that) voice. Rudy Wallang on guitars is bluesy as ever and the band put up a superb show. The majority of the crowd are having a gala time with their beer and their Foam Dome hats. De Profundis are announced as the next band. They were sphincter-clenchingly bad at the 2009 Iron Maiden gig but their guitarist is Indian so I expect some form of crowd-support. But a couple of minutes into their first song, things take a turn for the worse.

Turns out the majority of the crowd aren’t specifically here for Lacuna Coil and/or De Profundis. The crowd is a little restless as I make the huge mistake of pushing my way through to the mosh pit. It is at this point that a complete WTF-ness takes over. A large man dressed in formals disrupts a mosh pit and starts hurling Kannada obscenities to the rather bewildered moshers. He then makes peace with said moshers and starts a Tapanguchi dance. Sigh. De Profundis, to their credit actually put up a much better show than their ’09 gig. No one seems to have noticed that they’ve finished their set as a complete party atmosphere takes over. I get news that the fusion acts playing in the indoor stage were superb. The WTF-ness is still present when Lacuna Coil come on stage. Some chap comments in Hindi on how ‘fit’ their vocalist Christina Scabbia is. Random drunk chap offers to hoist me on his shoulder(not a euphemism). A small fistfight breaks out because of a wayward mosh. A bunch of guys are spotted wearing coordinated t-shirts that read ‘Infy Rockers’. My Foam Dome (yes I sported a Foam Dome!) is stolen twice from my head. By the same guy! We’re best friends now. Lacuna Coil are trying very hard to put up a good show but the hot-chick-vocalist novelty wears off after a couple of songs. They play ‘Heaven’s A Lie’ and couple of their other hits but the crowd never really gets going. C. Scabbia then requests the audience to sing along to a Depeche Mode song. Depeche Mode? Really, lady? How many people here know the lyrics to Depeche Mode songs? I don’t even notice Lacuna Coil finish their snoozeworthy set. Today is a huge disappointment compared to yesterday. DJ Chico is going to close the gigantic party that was TGIOF ‘10. My musical prejudices take over as I have an urge to get home. People are agitated that they’ve bought beer coupons and the beer is over. A bunch of people jump into the beer counter to grab as many freebies as they can. This is my cue to exit…stage left.

That brings an end to Octoberfest ’10. Swarathma and Soulmate were the highlights of the fest but there was a lot of fun to be had! An important life lesson to be learnt from the last two days is that anything (even Shaan) seems better after 3 mugs of beer. Jai Vijay Mallya!

(More advice to lazy writers: Notice how I omitted reviewing the first half of the day’s action by saying ‘social obligation’. Ha!)

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