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Songwriter Wednesday with Fay Baretto and Keith & The Clan



If one needs to define Fay – she is a Writer, Singer/Songwriter & Bartender based in Bangalore!

When the event calls for it, she quickly transforms to delivering her best. Fay originally comes from Bandra where she has jammed and played with a couple of bands like Far Out, Para Vayu and has composed and programmed music/lyric for many other independent artists…

She like small alley bars, tiny places where she can be herself completely. Breaking out into a funny dance/song always occurs in the midst of people who do the same thing.

Her influences range from ambiguous Scandinavian strange stuff to Blues/Jazz, Heavy Metal to Indie Rock.

She also loves radio and has programmed for stations on www.radiowalla.in

Fay will be accompanied by ‘Kozmi Cow’ on few tracks on the Bass & Vocals!


Keith (Vocals/Guitars), Chinmay (Cajon), Sikander (Vocals/Guitars)

Genre: Acoustic Lounge Rock/Jazz and Flamenco

The Acoustic Lounge Rock/Jazz and Flamenco clan has varied influences, although, the influence of Grunge and Blues is distinctively evident in the songs they write.

Keith, heavily influenced by grunge/ rock, derives his inspiration from artists like Alice in chains, Stone temple pilots, John Mayer, Bon Jovi, to name a few. Song writing has been his passion ever since he learned his first few chords, especially with his desire to write songs in a way that is slowly becoming one of the signature styles of the band.

Sikander is heavily inspired by players of classical and flamenco music such as Andrei Segovia and Paco De Lucia and loves to create his own flamenco and classical pieces and fuse them with jazz and rock melodies. One can always see this influence in just about anything he plays.

Chinmay being more than passionate about percussions crafted his own Cajon to create an instrument that delivered on the specific tones he couldn’t get from the standard Cajon’s available. He draws his influence from Indian classical music and is actively involved in music festivals based on either classical or new age Bollywood themes.