Earth to Spaceman: Prelude

Robbert van de Corput has come a long way from being that quiet yet confident 16 yr old boy who on Dutch TV announced his ambitions of being the #1 DJ in the world some day. With his now signature style of electro house and a growing international fan base , DJ Hardwell ranked #6 in the year 2012 by DJ Mag is not too far from realizing that dream.

You probably have heard at least one of his incredible singles Spaceman, The World or Apollo. You may even know some of his famous commercial remixes or less popular productions from the Revealed Volumes. Better yet, you might listen to his Hardwell on Air podcast. If you haven’t heard of him however and are now curious – give this track a listen.

The spaceman makes his way to India today as part of the I Am Hardwell tour and boy are we excited! Playing Bangalore (Supernova Arena) and Mumbai (Mahalaxmi Racecourse) on the 21st and 22nd of September respectively.

Famous around the world for his edgy beats and venue thumping basslines, fans can expect to be entertained. You don’t go to watch Hardwell, you go to party with him. What sets Hardwell apart from other DJs is his how he structures the tracklist, which ranges from commercial catchy tunes to I.D. mixes you won’t even find online. He knows exactly how to play the crowd and there is never a dull moment between bassdrops. As long as the sound system holds up and the crowd can keep pace with the beats – we should be in for a good night.

Also, we sincerely hope he can avoid the trap of playing too many rock & roll mixes because ‘that’s what us Indians like’ and just give us a taste of what the rest of the world is getting. On the note of rock mixes – do check out his beautifully crafted Three Triangles (Losing My Religion) mix that came Finally, props to Percept for continuing to evolve the Sunburn brand and attracting some of today’s biggest DJs – not just yesteryear gods and has-beens. We hope this trend continues and India becomes a must visit party destination on the EDM world map in the days to come!

Check out the trailer for the I Am Hardwell – Documentary and let that anticipation level hit the roof!

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Akash Kaul

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