Let’s get the party started with Salud Sessions Volume 4

Salud Sessions from the urban lifestyle brand, Salud Beverages, has released their new volume of six tracks. The new volume brings together some of the exciting talents from the music industry – including top artists Weirdsoundingdude, Greg Tomaz, Nakul C, DJ Sasha, and Ninesh. The six chill-and-unwind deep house tracks follow from the last three volumes and expand Salud’s trademark laid-back, uncomplicated Life 2.0 vibe. Salud is all about taking it easy and celebrating; so is this new album. With New Year around the corner, Salud Sessions Vol 4 is just the thing to bring in that party spirit and celebrate new beginnings.

It all began for Salud with G&T 2.0 – which changed the game by being the country’s first ready-to-drink gin and tonic in a bottle. Salud Sessions provides yet another electrifying way to connect and engage. To celebrate life The Salud Way – a way that encourages free-spiritedness and making the most of every moment. This new set of compelling tracks is currently available on all major OTT platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube. Go ahead, get your groove on and celebrate this New Year with Salud Sessions!

More about Salud Beverages:

The brand may be called Salud Beverages, but it is so much more than that. It is an urban lifestyle brand, aspiring to go global, with life and lifestyle as its ethos, a mindset that is inclusive, and an appeal that is universal. It aims to give people modern, exclusive, socially responsible, and exciting ways to bond with their tribe, connect with themselves, and celebrate life in a whole new uncomplicated way – Life 2.0!

It all began with G&T 2.0 – a ready-to-drink gin and tonic that opened up a whole new segment in India for consumers looking for something fresh, convenient, easy to drink. G&T 2.0 has a truly modern vibe, with a flavour profile and image that caters to its target audience by being gender agnostic. It is a completely inclusive and diverse brand; it is for everyone. The beverage range will expand to a variety of natural flavours in the alcoholic and non-alcoholic space, each with the trademark Salud vibe of freshness, modernity, and easy style.

Continuing the journey of Salud beyond the alcobev space, are affiliations with music, fashion, and other upcoming lifestyle experiences that will fall under the Life 2.0 umbrella. Salud’s key investors are Prasad Vanga from Anthill Ventures, Rana Dagubatti, actor and an active investor and UrbanI, speed scaling partner. Salud was founded by Ajay Shetty, an ex-banker turned entrepreneur who successfully sold his previous wine venture, to lead and build a whole new lifestyle brand.


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