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Hengul Dutta is a music journalist specializing in Northeast Indian music. His writes in music publications around the country. He also looks at making films and doing cinematography. Beyond that he has an abnormal addiction towards delay pedals which he defends by saying that a procrastinator is nothing without his delays.

November 1, 2012

Fireball 2012 at ITA Machkhowa

By - on 01/11/2012 at 8:33 pm


Fireball brings about a sense of bonhomie among fans and musicians of the Northeast. I have been stressing more on concerts post the break-down of the fledgling pub scene here, but Fireball is awaited with bated breath by all Northeasterners. Organised by Rockarolla Events, headed by veteran organizer David Koch, Fireball has established itself as one of the premier musical events of the Northeast. Although this yearÂ’s Fireball took its time, the spectacle that was held forth was a joy to behold. Marred by Shades of RetributionÂ’s 11th hour pull-out, Fireball saw UK modern-metal act Cypher 16 added to the bill to replace SOR. And boy did they perform incredibly well! Also, in the lead-up…