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May 23, 2015

Rewind by Neel And The Lightbulbs

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The emergence of a musical trend or style generally sees the ascension of a musician who rules the roost till the trend dies out. Sometimes a trend lasts for years, but there will always come a time when something newer and shinier takes over. In such circumstances, musicians who once ruled the scene find it difficult to adapt to newer styles. Hence, with the end of a musical cycle we generally find these artistes struggling to hold their own against the new kids on the block. It takes a lot of musical versatility and open-mindedness to be able to live through and successfully adapt to the ever-changing trends that constitute the music scene. Many musicians…

March 22, 2015

A Tribute to the Women Who Rock Kolkata

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This Women’s Day we spoke to four women who helped revolutionize the rock circuit in Kolkata. We reached out to the bandmates, family members and close friends of these four iconic women from the Kolkata scene, and they spoke about what makes these women so special. Jayashree Singh  If there is anyone who is entitled to the title of The Queen of Kolkata Rock Circuit, then that person is Jayashree Singh. Jayashree came to prominence in the 90s during her stint with the aptly named pop act Pop Secret. But it was her spell with Skinny Alley, one of India’s pioneering indie acts, which shot her straight to the doorstep of fame. Not only was Skinny Alley the…

December 11, 2014

Back On Earth by Girish and The Chronicles

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There is something invigorating in the North Eastern mountain air that allows so many top-notch vocalists to emerge from that region. Girish Pradhan is one such vocal stalwart – and while he is by no means the latest, he is definitely one of the better known singers this long production line has successfully brought into the fore. Girish Pradhan is an icon in his home state of Sikkim and in North-East India. And while most talented artistes from this region find it hard to make a break-through into the national mainstream, for Girish, his vocal talent has managed to take him to the four corners of the country and beyond. His performances both as a…

July 23, 2014

Aria by Symphony Novel

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Most music critics are of the opinion that western popular music in India is still light years away from making an impact on the world scene. Whether this view is correct or not is open to debate, however, looking at the number of bands that are mushrooming in the Indian circuit, you would be inclined to disagree. The sheer number of new bands that have begun to multiply all around the country is astounding. And even for the most avid of music fanatics, keeping track of all these new acts is a bit of a task! The social media boom has no doubt helped in the rapid spawning of these new Indian acts, and for…

April 28, 2014

Spellbound by Midhaven

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Nothing comes easy for the average Indian metal band. With new acts evolving practically every alternate day, the base of the heavy metal pyramid has never been this crowded. Rising to the next level is a constant struggle and most bands do not seem to get very far. Indeed, it really isn’t just about “hard work” or “luck”. What is required is that special something, that extra ingredient, to take you to the pinnacle of success. Very few bands have this quality – the majority of them burn out quickly despite their dedication and determination. All the Facebook “likes” in the world make no difference to these acts – if they are destined to be…


There has never been a formula for success as far as a metal band goes – more so for a band that is based in India. How do you make the average metal lover to take notice of your efforts? Does war-paint and crazy stage antics help your band’s cause? Do you stick to the basics and play it the old-school way? Or do you try and incorporate the new sounds that are redefining the entire metal canvas? What exactly defines a metal band and the perfect metal sound in the metal hotch-potch that is India? Bangalore-based The Down Troddence seems to have found an answer to the above question. A musical style that is…

October 24, 2013

An Exordium To Contagion by Plague Throat

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The North-East has been a cradle of musical talent through the years and it is no surprise that the country’s heavy metal circuit too has benefited from this region’s huge love for the genre. Shillong, especially, has given birth to some very good musicians and this would include the veteran death metal trio Plague Throat. As with most heavy metal hubs in the country, Shillong too is demarcated by a thin line separating the two schools of metal, viz. Old School and New School. The almost fanatical support demonstrated by the disciples of these metal philosophies can be alarming – yet the dedication of these musicians towards their music also shines through due to their…

October 19, 2013

High And Above: The First Wave by Gingerfeet

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Very few young bands from Kolkata make the effort to stand out amongst the plethora of the tried and tested formula that are so prevalent in the city. The ones that do make an effort eventually get shot down before they manage to establish themselves. Indeed it is not just about having talent, or about adopting the right approach or about having the right connections – you also require a thick skin and the mentality to walk barefoot through the fire that surrounds you. If you as a musician are able to do THAT, then maybe, just maybe you will have people appreciating your efforts and eager to listen to your music as well. Reaching…

October 17, 2013

Scribe at Princeton Club, Kolkata

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If there is one time of the year when Kolkata wakes up and goes into overdrive, then it is during Durga Puja. This is that time of the year when the average citizen goes absolutely over-the-top crazy, and the city is washed in an array of lights and colors. Mumbai’s very own hard-core monsters Scribe were in town, and they did their part in helping us usher in the crazy festive mood. It was no surprise that they did so with considerable aplomb, considering that Scribe is one of the most loved metal bands in the national circuit, and the band’s popularity knows no bounds, even in Kolkata. The evening that was all about comedy…