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Sahil, the byline may read, but they call him ‘Bones’ because of his undying love for Star Trek. Sahil is a crazy tech journalist at, who also happens to be a blues guitarist and a sound engineer based out of Delhi. Oh, and he also has 14 dogs!

February 24, 2011

Heaven’s Down – Dire Straits Tribute Gig

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      Of late, Delhites have been lucky enough to attend some rock solid gigs. The year started with a bang with the likes of Pentagram, Shaa’ir and Func, Menwhopause who delivered fairly impressive shows. Heaven’s Down formerly known as Ashtoreth are one of the icons of the Delhi rock scene and it goes without saying that a lot was expected from this gig. Let me start this review with an honest confession. The sound setup of Hard Rock Café – Delhi sucks. Period. Luckily, since this was a Dire Straits tribute gig and the band did not unleash their hard rock roots, there wasn’t much damage done (it would have sounded horrible otherwise,…

January 19, 2011


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In the day and age of death metal, we often find ourselves staring at tattooed guitarists wielding Super-strats loaded with a combination of Emg pickups and the Floyd Rose Bridge, but what in heaven’s name has happened to the good old Strat? If you walk into a guitar store you will notice people toying with a plethora of guitars: The Ibanez’s, The Schechter’s, The Esps seem to be favored by guitarists these days. If you talk about a good old Strat, people frown. Have we forgotten the value of a Stratocaster? From Guitar-God Hendrix to Clapton to Gilmour, everyone has used the Strat. In Clapton’s case he switched from a Les Paul to a Strat!…

January 18, 2011

Vox Big Bad Wah

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The Vox Big Bad Wah is virtuoso guitarist, Joe Satriani’s, signature wah-wah pedal. It is probably the most unique mass produce wah-wah pedal on the market. Satriani’s tone is massively influenced by Jimi Hendrix, hence the excessive wah-wah use with songs like ‘The Summer Song’ highlighting his signature tone. The Big Bad Wah is the most feature rich pedal on the market with two different wah-wah voicings: a 6db gain boost and an inductor which helps switching between British and American inductor voicings. The Wah 1 setting provides us with the classic crybaby voicing which is ideal for unleashing the inner Hendrix. It has a very balanced sweep and is never muddy. The Wah 2…