The Metal Expedition at The Brew Pub, Pune

  • Date / Time: 03/07/2015 : 3:30 PM
  • Location: The Brew Pub
  • Address: The Brew Pub, Pulse Mall ,Pune,Maharashtra,India
The Metal Expedition : Two Days Of Pure Metal And Art

Think Music Corporation – The stepping stones which started from Cafe Euthanasia back in 2011 are back with a Flagship of BIGGER, BETTER, A CONCEPTUALLY DESIGNED THEME BASED GIG!

These gigs are especially designed to give each performing artist, attending individual a memorable experience.

7th March

Alice Cooper
Black Sabbath
Ronnie James Dio
Iron Maiden
Judas Priest


Art Exhibition and Sale.

Patronize The Rising – Donations for Orphans,

8th March


Gutslit: Brutal death grind from India hailing from Mumbai, have gained an enormous success in their career. Gutslit has lanuched many singles already and also has a full length album launched titled as “Skewered in the Sewer” which is an immaculate master piece.
After coming back from Obscene metal fest and playing a number of death metal shows, Gutslit will be demolishing the stage once again in Pune on 8th March. Be there.

Stark Denial: Pune people always mention in their requests to get some black metal bands down here. So here is your chance to witness one of the old and amazing black metal bands, also hailing from Mumbai. They have shared stage with Pune bands before as well and their performance is still unforgotten. So those who have not witnessed these black metal guys, be there, do not miss it.

Cruoris:  The only death metal band from Pune, comprising of 5 members. They have been active since last 2 years and have played multiple of gigs around the city as well as outside the city. After their brutal set with Defiled from Japan, Cruoris is ready for some bloodshed again this March.

Elemental: Extreme death metal band from Bhopal, will be coming down to Pune this March. They have gained a huge success as well in their journey so far. After playing at the Big69 and after coming back from Nepal, Elemental will be all ready for the brutal performance that they have always been famous for.

Adamantium:  You all know them very well and they all know you all as well. Adamantium, one of the oldest bands from the city will also be a part of this event. With new 7 string compositions and a new line up as well, Adamantium assures you the worth of your time. They have proved to be one of the best metal core bands from the city multiple times and after coming back form VLAUNCH FEST, they will be all set for the stage here in their hometown again.