Junkyard Groove Gets A New Guitarist

Chennai-based rock band Junkyard Groove have replaced their guitarist, Merwyn Christopher with Garage Monsters Inc. frontman, Josh Mark Raj.

Apart from working with eminent directors like Harris Jayaraj and Yuvan Shankar, Raj has also been a part of widely known rock bands such as Moksha and No Idea. Currently, he plays for Roxygen and when asked how different his work with Junkyard Groove is going to be, he explains, “Since I’ve always been a classic rock kinda guy it sure is a little different for me, but I seem to be fitting in pretty well.”

“I love the energy and the sound of Junkyard Groove. It’s been a while since I’ve played stuff like this so it’s definitely something I’m really excited about!” exclaims Raj.

According to frontman Ameeth Thomas, chemistry is the most important element that ought to be present among the band members. “Merwyn is a kickass guitarist, but somehow the chemistry was missing. Plus, I prefer working with people close to my age.” Josh Raj and Ameeth , whose friendship can be traced back to their school days, seem to gel pretty well. “Josh is a work horse and is spot on with everything. It’s great.”

Ex- guitarist Christopher, who also plays the leads for Franks Got The Funk, feels that nothing has really changed. “Playing for Junkyard Groove has been awesome fun for me. I enjoyed every moment of it. I had to leave because the situation demanded so, but I can say one thing: Josh is an insane guitarist and the fans should expect nothing but the best.” Christopher is currently working on a solo project.


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