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December 8, 2012

Guns ‘N Roses at Bhartiya City, Bangalore

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Let me preface this review by saying that I have been a GNR fan for the longest time. I was lucky to get a copy of ‘Appetite for Destruction’ at the age of 9 and there was no looking back. Though my musical tastes have become wide and varied over the years, I still consider Appetite to be one of the best rock albums ever produced. It has inspired several generations of musicians and has stood the test of time. Let me also preface this by saying that I am fully aware that the current lineup of GNR does not include Slash, Duff, Izzy or Steven. I had mentally prepared myself for the same, dropping all expectations. Yes, GNR is…

July 25, 2012

Parvaaz Live At CounterCulture: The Behosh EP Launch

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Kashif Iqbal and Khaled Ahmed moved out of Kashmir a few years ago and have been involved independently with various acts since then in Delhi and Bangalore. The two friends found each other in Bangalore and Parvaaz was formed in 2010 with a different line up. Sachin Banandur and Fidel D’Souza soon joined the duo on drums and bass and have been regularly writing music and gigging since then. Parvaaz has just finished recording their first EP, Behosh. After countless hours of recording and spending most of their money on their new album they have produced something remarkable. CounterCulture on Friday the 13th, July, saw Parvaaz take to the stage for the launch of their…

June 30, 2012

JAM’IT at Cuppa, Bangalore

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JAM’IT was held at Cuppa on Sarjapur Road on the 23rd of June. It is a completely new format initiated by Rock Circuit, the focal point being bringing Indian talent to the forefront and giving them a platform to collaborate. Rock Circuit is the brainchild of a few enterprising individuals who are not content with just their day jobs, so they have created something that has never been tried and tested before and it’s probably a smart thing to step outside conventional formats such as music festivals. The buzzword at JAM’IT was ‘collaboration’ and boy did we see a lot of that happening right there in front of us. They were three key acts set…

June 13, 2012

Allegro Fudge at The BFlat Bar, Bangalore

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Allegro Fudge – a contemporary acoustic rock band had a modest crowd gathered at The BFlat Bar in Indiranagar on the 8th of June to listen to music from their new album Maximum City. Strong influences of jazz, pop and folk music make for their unique sound. The band seemed to be enjoying every second on stage and kept the small assembly of enthusiastic listeners near the stage thoroughly engaged. The show kicked off at 9 p.m. with ‘Hear Them Say‘, a bluesy tune that I enjoyed a lot. The song has a nice up- tempo break in between which adds some oomph to their sound. The first thing that struck me when Allegro Fudge opened…


I’ve always enjoyed gigs at The BFlat Bar and unlike some other similar venues they have kept live music in mind while designing the venue – no awkwardly elevated stages and bad PA systems. The set started at 9:00 p.m. with an audio-visual performance by Nikhil and Abhinav. The lights were dimmed down and a projector beamed live effects on a screen behind the stage while the artists stood behind their consoles. I had heard Nikhil before at a sound installation he had put up with a friend at The Mad Festival. He records a lot of his own samples that he uses in his set. His style cannot be easily typified under labels such…