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While not filled to the brim with mystery as last time, the lineup at this edition of The GoMad Festival was interesting and so was the approach the organizers had decided to take. This time bands had one-hour slots with half-hour soundchecks between performances! As the morning chill dissipated slightly on Day 1 with the arrival of the tardy and patchy sun, the festival kicked off with the rather interesting band from Chennai. The F16s were a perfect pick-me-up for people who made it to their set at the Blubaloo stage at 11 a.m. While we weren’t surprised that they claim to gain influence from bands like The Black Keys, The Arctic Monkeys, Jet and The Strokes they do…


Mad Orange Fireworks has been around for well over two years now. While they’ve been rigorously touring the circuit with their special brand of Orange (their words, not ours) rock, we’ve been appreciating this four-piece band’s unique mix of alternative and pop with a little bit of blues-rock vocals thrown in. See, they really are difficult to categorize! Made up of Michael (vocals and guitar), Ramanan (guitars and vocals), Kaushik (bass and vocals), and Shravan (drums and vocals), the last two years, and quite a few before, have given them a lot of material to put on a full-length album and that’s exactly what they’re in the process of doing. “The Lifeline Cast” is a ten-song album out…

October 9, 2012

Madrobe Walfunction at The BFlat Bar

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As I tumbled through the (slightly prolonged) stages of growing up, I went through the all-important “discovering music” phase in my life by mindlessly skirting around, masterfully hurdling or generally avoiding music by bands whose names I thought were “iffy”. The “rule of iffy” really didn’t have any logical basis to it; it just was. I’ve since grown out of this phase. Thankfully! I can only imagine what state I’d be in today with names like Puscifer, Cattle Decapitation, Explosive Diarrhea or the very descriptive Fartbarf. I now have a backronym-inspired way of looking at band names (as do a lot of people – assumes the sheep in me). Listen to the music, like/dislike said music, justify band name if…

May 17, 2012

Ska Vengers at Counterculture, Bangalore

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Ska is a veritable mystery to this writer. And while I could’ve “wiki’d” the topic to a speedy death before going to watch the Skavengers at Counterculture, I chose not to because I didn’t want mounds of “research” to colour my experience of this eight-piece Ska/Rocksteady band. Dressed nattily in white and black formal attire, the band mingled with the crowd before the show; the venue, Counterculture, looked as though it had been infiltrated by genial members of the MIB! But as soon as they got onto the slightly elevated stage, the picture fit. Belting out song after song, the image they carefully cultured through the process of the show was powerful and lasting. They…

April 10, 2012

Day 1 at The Mad Festival at Fern Hills Palace, Ooty

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The Mad Festival sprinted into its first few hours, admitting a respectable amount of people into the sprawling venue on a beautiful Thursday morning; at this point, there was only a hint of rain on the horizon with people (rather than the sky) rumbling warnings of possible rains. Post the invocation, things kicked off at the smaller Callaloo stage with Vayali, a bamboo orchestra. Comprising a number of bamboo drums and flutes, one expected some good energy from these musicians from Kerala. However, their choice of songs wasn’t the most inspiring, and having the sparse crowd right at the beginning of the festival didn’t help matters either. We would’ve loved to see some more traditional…


On a chilly evening in Bangalore, I looked forward to being dazzled by the promise of some good ol’ blues, with a little bit of that jazz thrown in! A tad delayed, for whatever reason, one of the main attractions of the night, composer and guitarist Sanjay Divecha, walked onstage with only his guitar for company. The significant lack of other musicians on stage only heightened my anticipation – I’d heard enough high praise about this musical great to know that he wouldn’t be a letdown. Sanjay’s set at UB city was peppered with original compositions (one by Aman Mahajan as well) and classic blues pieces interpreted in his own style. Beginning the set with…

January 16, 2012

Dischordian at The Bflat Bar, Bangalore

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      Touted as being one of the most promising bands over the last year, their debut album was looked forward to by many as tangible means to solidify their reputation of being a cut above the rest. Dischordian is an unmistakeably Goan-sounding acoustic folk outfit with elements of jazz; they can speed it up with as much ease as they tone it down. Lead singer Garreth D’Mello has a powerhouse voice that can have songs sounding rustic and comforting, while being equally capable of helming growl-styled songs like ‘Your Right Heel’, which anyone could tell is written from a place of unfiltered rage (justified, since it’s about the Mangalore pub attacks). They also…


The Big Mushroom Cloud Festival wasn’t promoted as vociferously this year; while we’re wondering why, we’re also thankful that it panned out that way because the number of festival attendees this time during peak hours was just right – it wasn’t claustrophobic and it wasn’t marred by huge patches of empty grass/tables with people desperately trying to look like they’re having a good time. Counterculture in Whitefield, known for its extremely chilled-out vibe (you can take your dogs with you to a gig), was buzzing with activity a little past ten a.m. on D-day. It was amusing to watch people bustling back and forth toting everything from humongous ladders to newspaper sculptures to kites! Quiet…

September 23, 2011

Bangalore Venues Come Under Police ‘Notice’

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The recent talks doing the rounds about an imminent ban on live music in Bangalore city started when the local police slapped a notice on pubs and restaurants in the city that conduct live music performances. It all started when the local police stations received the notice (attached below) along with a list of ‘offenders’ , who needed to be served this notice. This happened in parallel in places all over the state. Local police stations in Bangalore have been serving the notice to offenders in their jurisdiction “ Zero-G and venues in far flung locations like Manipal (Blue Waters) were raided. In Indiranagar, venues like  Take 5, Xtreme Sports Bar , Cirrus, B Flat…