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April 7, 2012

Pentagram at Hard Rock Cafe, Bangalore

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Pentagram, the four-piece techno rock band from Mumbai is currently promoting their latest album Bloodywood in HRCs throughout India as part of their Album Launch Tour. They played HRC Bangalore to a sizable crowd of around 200 people on 7th April 2011. Pentagram, as I reckon, make music to appease two kinds of audience that stand at two extreme ends of the musical spectrum. The first: cool, hep, Armin Van Buuren worshiping, club-going kids. The second kind: average hard rock enthusiasts. However, the problem and a huge one at that is, they do not play two separate genre songs to these two kinds. Instead they play a hybrid mixture of music trying to please all…

April 13, 2011

Olympus Mons by Demons of the Craft

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Demons of the Craft are a two piece experimental band who have cut their first EP Olympus Mons which is available for free on the band’s page. It is a largely unknown band making experimental music of the extreme kind. Listening to their new EP gave me the impression that they tend to delve into the areas of music which is: firstly, unvisited by mainstream audience (your usual Metallica and John Mayer listening folks) and secondly, followed by a rare set of people that are probably into bands like The 3rd and the Mortal and Devil Doll. The aspect of them being a rare experimental band that are more underground than your great-great grandmother’s final…

February 16, 2011

Lucky – No Time for Love

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      I attended the UB City gig last evening after Junkyard Groove posted the gig details on their facebook page. I shall now narrate my observations after having walked out of the concert. My long head strong belief that Power Metal gigs are the worst gigs was disproved- an acoustic open air gig in any genre is the worst gig idea ever. I mean, there is no bonfire. There is no wine. We are not 10 friends, a guitarist and a vocalist. This is a 1000 people strong open-air gig for eff’s sake. Fire up them speakers up and take out those damn electric guitars. No Karaoke, please. This is not Japan. If…


WTS: Good afternoon! So how has the travel been so far? Hagstrom: Travel from Pune to here was extremely tiring. We were on an early flight. We haven’t slept much, but it’s all good. WTS: How was the response from the crowd in Pune? Hagstrom: It was really good. I mean, since we haven’t been here before we don’t know what to compare it to but for us it was a good experience. Like, it was the first show and people turned up so it was really good. WTS: Moshpits? Hagstrom: Yeah. All the crazy shit! WTS: Did you get a chance to catch any of the local bands? Hagstrom: Actually, no. The reason for…