Lucky – No Time for Love




I attended the UB City gig last evening after Junkyard Groove posted the gig details on their facebook page. I shall now narrate my observations after having walked out of the concert.

My long head strong belief that Power Metal gigs are the worst gigs was disproved- an acoustic open air gig in any genre is the worst gig idea ever. I mean, there is no bonfire. There is no wine. We are not 10 friends, a guitarist and a vocalist. This is a 1000 people strong open-air gig for eff’s sake. Fire up them speakers up and take out those damn electric guitars. No Karaoke, please. This is not Japan.

If you still want to do an Unplugged gig, get a room. I mean, seriously. The birds chirp louder than the sound of acoustic guitar in open air. You cannot conduct an acoustic gig in an open air theater in UB City amidst the noise of M.G Road traffic. It’s as impossible as making Leonard Cohen cover Sex Pistols.

If you are planning to conduct one despite it all- warn us in advance. Tweet. Facebook. Text. You have your options. I got duped by the organizers into believing that it was a gonna be a great gig. It was great until JYG were playing. They were almost booed off stage by Lucky Ali fans (999 of them). Ameeth sensing the boredom and hostility in the gathered crowd jokingly declared he’d be torturing them with two more songs and they’d folk off the stage. 999 of them heard him say ‘f**k off the stage.’

Bollywood doesn’t go well with Indie music. JYG are Rock n’ Roll. They are the most amazing band to come out of India in the past decade. The crowd showed no respect to this amazing band that makes great music and provides it for free. The day when people understand the ‘if I don’t get it I should STFU’ concept will be the day I’ll stop downloading music off of the internet.

Lucky Ali is a good singer. Respect. But he’s a terribly boring person when it comes to after-a-song on-stage banter. I don’t want someone telling me Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be celebrated just on 14th Feb but the entire year. I mean, dude! He also went on how he saw an UFO while he was having a smoke and how his bandmate was amused by the flickering light in the night sky. He sounded so much like my grandpa!

If you don’t appreciate something get the eff out. And that’s what I did. Acoustic gig on a windy evening, amidst douchebags of the highest order, listening to Bangalore traffic and amazingly idiotic stage lights that were aimed directly at the audience is not my idea of a Sunday evening gig.

The Italian restaurant at the end of the Amphitheater is terrific, you guys.


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